Genie’s new HF and TraX aerial platforms designed to go where traditional lifts can’t

Genie S-45 TraX

Genie has launched five new high-flotation and four new tracked models of aerial work platforms for operating in soft sand, turf and other sensitive ground conditions that tend to bog down traditional lifts.

The new models range in max platform heights of 40 to 65 feet and load capacities of 600 to 1,000 pounds. They are based on Genie’s XC (“extra capacity”) boom models and meet new ANSI standards for aerial platforms that will take effect in December, the company says.

High flotation

Genie S-45 HF

The high-flotation, or HF models, are equipped with air-filled tires designed to reduce turf damage and perform heavy-lift operations on soft surfaces. Genie is gearing the HF series toward states like Michigan and Florida where traditional lifts have difficulty operating in sandy conditions.

The tires are bigger and about 1-1/2 to 2 inches wider than standard rough-terrain tires, providing more ground contact. They are also smoother than rough-terrain tires, and because they are air-filled rather than foam-filled, they conform better to the ground, said Marie Engstrom, Genie associate product manager. Engstrom presented the new models during a press event September 17 at Genie’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

The new ANSI standards restrict use of air-filled tires, but they are allowed if the manufacturer first conducts flat-tire stability tests on the aerial lifts, which Genie did, Engstrom said.

Models in the HF series include the Z-45 HF, S-40 HF, S-45 HF, which all have 600-pound platform capacities. The model numbers represent max platform height.

The larger models in the series, the S-60 HF and S-65 HF, are designed with dual-capacity platforms of 600 and 1,000 pounds. That means that with a load of 600 pounds or less, as with two people in the platform, the lifts can operate at max height and reach. The platforms can also be loaded with three people and up to 1,000 pounds.

TraX option

For those needing an aerial platform that can maneuver in mud, swampy conditions, sand or snow, Genie Genie now offers tracks as an option for four XC models.

The models’ four triangular-shaped tracks provide a wide surface contact area, and each track can move up or down 22 degrees to maintain constant ground contact, Engstrom said. That allows them to handle ground conditions that would bog down rough-terrain tires, as well as reduce damage to sensitive terrain, including on wet grass, the company says. They can also be used on hard, uneven gravel, rock, concrete or asphalt surfaces.

The tracks can traverse slope changes easily and have a high breakover angle for driving up truck ramps for transport, Genie says. The steel tracks are encased in rubber and are paired with Genie’s oscillating axle. They have a 30-degree steering angle, similar to a traditional front-wheel-steer machine, the company says.

The tracked models are as follows: S-40 TraX, S-45 TraX, S-60 TraX and S-65 TraX. They deliver a 660-pound unrestricted and 1,000-pound restricted dual-lift capacity.

Meeting new ANSI standards

Genie’s S-65 HF and Z-45 HF, left

All of the new models’ platforms have continuous, automatic load sensing to ensure they are not overloaded, and the machines automatically limit height and reach to match the load chart. The feature is among the ways the booms comply with the new ANSI standards. The system also does not require any load field calibrations.

Genie says it expanded the booms’ work zone with a chassis-tilt sensor that allows differing ranges of motion based on the chassis angle. “This feature means that not only are most of the Genie HF and TraX machines able to carry more load than ever before, but they are also able to maximize operator’s access to hard-to-reach work areas on challenging jobsites,” the company says. Also part of the new ANSI standards, the machines will shut off certain lift and drive functions when the tilt-activation setting is reached.

All of the new HF and TraX models, except the Z-45 HF, have automatic envelope control, which retracts the boom as it reaches its operating envelope. “This feature allows for simple platform positioning and an enhanced operator’s experience,” Genie says. (The articulating Z-45 HF uses the same technology as previous models to provide a fixed range of motion and controls for boom position, according to the company.)

The HF and TraX booms also feature Genie’s Smart Link CAN-based control system. Genie says the control layout is “consistent and intuitive” for easy operation. Onboard diagnostics are available on new LCD displays at the ground controls for machine setup, calibration and troubleshooting and can be accessed by service technicians without needing a laptop or other accessories.

The new HF and TraX models are available now in North America and are expected to be available internationally next year, Genie says.