alloy steel

Best Quality Steel For Axles and Shafts

Steel is used in a wide variety of industrial, auto and aircraft applications. Alloy steel AISI 4340 is considered the best quality steel for many of these uses. This type of steel is made from steel and a combination of several different elements, such as chromium, molybdenum, nickel and vanadium.


Alloy Steel Properties

Alloy steel AISI 4340 is provides the ideal mix of properties that enable it to be highly effective with a reasonable cost for nearly any application. The chromium added to the steel enhances the temperature strength, the nickel increases its durability, molybdenum increases its strength and vanadium enhances the resistance to corrosion. The most important characteristics of alloy steel include resistance to corrosion, machinability, hardenability and weldability.


Resistant to Corrosion

Corrosion is a naturally occurring process where metal becomes corroded or is ruined due to exposure to air (called oxidation). Due to the material within alloy steel, it has high resistance to corrosion.



Machinability is the ability for any metal to change when mechanical processes are applied. Machinability is important when working with metal to modify it into a final product. Structural alloy steel 40NiCrMo7 exhibits properties of machinability so it is a good metal for many different applications.



Another important property for metal is the ability to be hardened after treatment. Hardening is a process that changes the metal from an austenite to martensite at a specific temperature. Alloy steel AISI 4340 exhibits good hardenability.



When working with different metals it is important to be able to weld them together. Alloy steel 40NiCrMo8-4 exhibits great weldability enabling it to be welded in large sections and joined to other metals.


Alloy Steel Uses

Alloy steel G43400 is a versatile metal that exhibits many of the desired properties of the ideal metal. It can be used in many different applications such as aircraft parts, generators, axles, shafts, pipelines and auto parts.