BOMAG Introduces Next Generation of CR Series Highway-Class Pavers

BOMAG has introduced the CR 1030 T-2 highway-class paver that features multiple design updates to improve operating efficiency and increase mat quality, the company says.

Available for the 2025 paving season, the CR 1030 T-2 comes with several new features including an independent auger/conveyor system and a new human-machine interface (HMI).

In conjunction with the updated paver, BOMAG also introduced the new Versa 20 front-mount screed to its line.

Aside from some of the technological advances made by the company, BOMAG paving product manager Zach Watson said the update operators were most interested in was the addition of cupholders by the screed controls.

“It’s been something that people have wanted for a very long time on the screeds,” he said. “Cupholders are huge.”

Fortunately for operators, BOMAG added much more than just cupholders to the CR 1030 T-2.

Smooth operation

New for the CR 1030 T-2 is an independent auger/conveyor system with an outboard auger drive system. The independent control system increases material control flow for operators to reduce material waste and end up with a smooth mat.

Via the new system, Watson said operators can control either the auger or the conveyor independently of each other with a 2 or 4 (optional) sensor control system.

“You can run one side conveyor and not run the auger, or run the auger and not run the conveyor,” he said. “This becomes useful to operators when approaching the end of a pass where they can stop the material flow on the conveyor but still feed the augers to maintain a good mat.” 

The new HMI interface provides operators both driving the tractor and the screed a new feel.

Watson said on the operator platform all like functions such as the hopper, screed, and feed controls are grouped to allow the operator quicker identification and adjustment “

The new operation console includes a large 7-inch multi-functional color LCD screen that has touchscreen features for easy access. 

In certain scenarios, operators may be wearing gloves and unable to use the touchscreen. 

“That’s where we have a dial on the side of the dashboard so operators can still use the touchscreen by just turning the dial,” Watson said. “That way we are not sacrificing any efficiency and make sure they’re still getting the most out of their paver.” 

In addition to operation functions, the monitor also incorporates fault code visibility to enhance machine serviceability. With alerts appearing on the monitor, issues can be identified and resolved on the jobsite and minimize downtime.

Even with all the updates, there is plenty of familiarity between the CR 1030 T-2 and existing BOMAG machines. 

It retains many of the legacy CR series features, including the swing-out SideView double consoles that provide operators maximum visibility of the jobsite with four positions up to 45 degrees and the Smartrac system that automatically maintains proper track tension to increase track life.

The CR 1030 T-2 also offers the optional frame raise with fixed augers to raise and lower the entire machine and move the augers to increase ground clearance and provide an optimal drop point to reduce segregation.

For those who don’t opt for frame raise, the CR 1030 T-2 still has the outboard-driven augers with a removable auger wall, a design borrowed from BOMAG’s CR remix series pavers.

“They help with centralized segregation and making sure that you always lay a nice flat, smooth mat,” Watson said. “That’s the main thing that we want to get is that quality mat with no segregation.”

New Versa 20 Screed

The Versa 20 front-mount electric screed is the latest from BOMAG in the market.

“This machine is perfect for any job site that requires versatility,” Watson said. It offers variable paving widths ranging from 10 to 19 ft at paving thicknesses reaching 12 in. With bolt-on left and right-hand extensions or optional berm screed plates of 12-, 18, and 24-inch, the screed offers contractors flexibility of up to 23-ft of paving width.

The screed comes standard with a 10-ft (3.0-m) catwalk and foldable walkway extensions for the operator.

Also, the screed controls and remotes on the CR1030 T-2 were redesigned for a better operator experience.

The controls are now integrated with MOBA, which is one of the automated systems available for operators to help monitor material waste and measure slope and grade.

“Our center console now comes with mobile integration that means no extra boxes to have to fill up your jobsite,” Watson said. “All you have to do is plug and play with your sensors and your slope sensor and you’re good to go.”

BOMAG prides itself on versatility, and while the system is integrated with MOBA, it also will function with Topcon or both.

“A great part about this is that you don’t have to have that other control box with this screed control panel because everything that’s in that box is here,” Watson said, noting that the key was to ensure operators could make adjustments on the fly. With the remote panel, operators have access to all the primary functions.

“Everything is right here in a handheld remote for screed operators,” Watson said. “They can still make the adjustments without having to go back to that stationary screen control.”

To increase the rigidity of the Versa 20, he said. BOMAG brought some features over from its European colleagues.

A set of telescopic tubes increases screed rigidity to minimize deflection and the creation of waves in the mat at the extended paving widths. He said it helps ensure operators can maintain a flat, smooth mat.

Also, the 11-in deep hydraulic extensions, with manually adjustable angle of attack, allow for better density and mat quality. The hydraulically powered crown for the Versa 20 can be adjusted from 3-in positive to 1-in negative.

Lastly, Watson said the frame and match height features from the Stretch 20 screed have been incorporated into the Versa 20 to better maintain setting adjustments between the main frame and extensions for a more consistent mat texture.

Quick Specs

  • Weight: 45,000 lbs.
  • Engine: 225-hp Cummins Tier 4F
  • Hopper capacity: 14 tons
  • Screed width: 10 ft. to 23 ft.