Cat intros S2000/S3000 series mobile shears for faster demo, scrap work

Cat S3050 shears

Caterpillar has introduced new S2000/S3000 Series mobile shears for demolition and scrap work that the company says work faster than previous models.

The mobile shears are designed for Cat and other companies’ hydraulic excavators of 11 to more than 85 tons. Cat says the shears are “engineered for long, productive service,” thanks to increased yield and tensile strength properties and hardness ratings greater than T1-type steel.

By increasing force to weight ratios, which enables more cuts per hour, Cat has reduced cycle times on the new shears, making them faster than previous models. Their jaws are designed to allow material to fall away freely, and the speed valve increases cutting power and the jaws’ opening speed. Tapered space plates also speed cutting and reduce the amount of energy required from the shears.

The shears can be mounted to the boom or stick and come in configurations of straight and 360-degree rotation that allows the shears to be positioned without moving the carrier.

An apex-jaw design holds material in optimum position within the shear, and the solid-plate design of the upper jaw protects against cracking, the company says.

Protective features on the shears include a bolt-on piercing tip at the point of most intense cutting pressure, a fully enclosed cylinder rod to prevent damage, and protection for hydraulic lines and hoses.

Cat also says it placed grease points where they can be accessed from ground level, and service issues such as knife maintenance, replacing the wear plate and tip buildup can be quickly and easily addressed.