PHOTOS: A look inside the Manitowoc, Grove and National crane factory

On a recent visit to Manitowoc crane headquarters in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania, the company gave us an in-depth tour of its manufacturing facilities. We snapped some photos along the way and have gathered them all up in the gallery below to give you an idea of what the birthplace of Manitowoc, Grove and National cranes is like.

A Manitowoc crawler in the later stages of assembly.

Engines waiting to be installed on the assembly line.

This pegboard-like apparatus assists Manitowoc welders as they assemble the lattice booms. The large blue frame can be positioned on the pegboard to hold the pieces of the boom in place while the welders make their welds.

An example of the impressive weld work done by the folks at Manitowoc.

These robots greatly speed up manufacturing times within the plant.

This is the actual garage in which Grove Manufacturing Co., was started and where the company’s first cranes were built. It now resides just outside the factory where Grove cranes are built today.

This is the third crane ever built by grove. It was assembled in 1951

In the early 1990s, Grove brought this model to ConExpo as a concept design of what the company predicted cranes would look like well into the 2000s.