6 Questions That Get to the (Pain) Point

6 Questions That Get to the (Pain) Point

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As the mercury starts rising and spring turns to summer, plenty of homeowners will be calling you for help with their various air conditioning woes. It can be easy to pigeon-hole clients into replacing those old units with a newer version of the same equipment, but there have been some huge leaps in HVAC technology since that machine was made. Today is the perfect time to consider a wider range of options.

Staying ahead of the newest tech means that not only will you be able to offer products that your competition doesn’t even know about, you can also help clients find the tools they need for the ultimate in climate control. Do you know what to ask your customers to get straight to their pain points?

Customers Trust You to Guide Their A/C Purchases

Although you’ll have a few customers who know exactly what they want in a climate control system, it’s far more likely that you’ll be the one who has to guide the decision. Since you’re the expert that was brought in to do the job, you’re also the one who should take control of the conversation so the right equipment is procured. The end result? A frictionless install and a happy customer who will likely tell their friends all about the HVAC expert that helped them make the right call.

It’s not always obvious how to go from the initial telephone call to actually helping the caller choose the right system, but a good start is a home evaluation. It’ll give you a chance to take a look at what’s already installed, how the customer uses their climate control and to talk face to face about their needs and wants. If you ask these questions while you’re on site, it’ll help clue you into the true needs of your homeowner:

What didn’t you like about your current system when it was working properly?

You have to start somewhere, and it might as well be asking a question or two about the system that’s gone to meet its maker or is hobbling its way to the end. Asking what didn’t work for the customer can help eliminate some types of systems that you may regularly install.

They may also point you in an entirely different direction than you were originally thinking. For example, you probably install a lot of split systems, but your customer really hates the outside condenser unit because it’s so noisy and unattractive. In that case, a ductless mini-split system like Fujitsu’s Halcyon series could be the ideal solution.

Why did you choose your last air conditioning system?

Learning more about what it was that sold the client on the old unit will tell you what to look for in a new one. Was it because the old system was super energy efficient when compared to other models at the time? Were they looking for a more reliable unit that had an extended warranty? Or did they hear that the system was just really reliable?

There are plenty of good HVAC systems on the market today and lots of system configurations. Knowing how each compares in reliability will help with this part of the decision.

Would you set room temperatures individually if you could?

Increasingly, homeowners are looking to greener technology to both limit their use of collective resources and reduce their own electricity and gas bills. Systems that can be zoned, like a ductless mini-split, not only can be used to keep costs down, they give less thrifty customers more control to customize the temperature in each room, even if their energy budget is lofty.

Would you set room temperatures individually if you could?

After all, one single thermostat isn’t really enough in a large house, often one area is much warmer or cooler than the other. By placing individual controls and blowers in each room, homes become much more comfortable, no matter the time of year. That’s something that can make everybody a lot happier!

Would you use your climate control differently if you could control it with your phone?

Does the homeowner dream of warming up the house to a toasty 72 degrees from bed on a dark winter morning or are they the type that would rather take the thermostat in their own hands? More thermostats are incorporating WiFi, but that requires purchasing yet another piece of equipment.

Would you use your climate control differently if you could control it with your phone?

Several Fujitsu Halcyon ductless mini-split systems, for example, have eliminated the need for a smart thermostat to control the climate from anywhere. Wireless climate control is just part of the package.

Is the noise level of your current system unacceptable?

There are some HVAC systems that are absolutely, painfully noisy. It may be because the outside condenser unit was set too close to a window or door or other factors like old ducts that groan when their temperature changes dramatically. Regardless of the reason, like the buzzing of fluorescent tubes, the sound is practically inescapable. These homeowners could do better with a much quieter system.

You could go in and rebuild or redesign their ducts and reset their condenser further from the house, or look into alternative climate control systems. There are many new, quiet designs, including the ductless mini-split.

Are allergies a problem in your home?

Floor ducts are alarmingly disgusting and harbor all sorts of allergens like dust, mold spores, and pet hair. Even after a good cleaning, things tend to just fall back in and start the cycle all over again. Eliminating the ducts eliminates a huge source of problems for most homeowners. A ductless mini-split system doesn’t need ducts at all. It also cycles room air more rapidly than a standard HVAC system can.

Expand Your Offerings to Better Serve Customers New and Old

It’s easy to fall into a pattern with HVAC. Nearly everybody who calls in wanting a unit to replace their central heating and air system goes back in with the same configuration, but often it’s because they don’t realize there are other options. With increased pressure on consumers to use fewer natural resources in an environment that’s only developing more extreme weather, it’s a smart idea to be able to offer greener options.

When your customers, new or old, start asking about more economical climate control that’s quiet, flexible, customizable and clean, you can be confident in recommending a ductless mini-split system like Fujitsu’s Halcyon. Fujitsu’s Infinite Comfort Pro App can help you get more familiar with ductless mini-split systems. When your customer’s ready to buy, you can even find a distributor near you within the app.

If you’re more of a desktop computing person, you can learn more about these remarkable systems by following this link.

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