Vögele Super 2000-3i and Super 1703-3i shown at World of Asphalt 2018

Vögele Super 2000-3i paver

Touting power and productivity in roadbuilding, Vögele showed the 10-foot tracked Super 2000-3i and 8-ft. wheeled Super 1703-3i pavers at World of Asphalt.

Designed specifically for the North American market, these pavers are used in both highway and roadway construction, as well as large-scale commercial applications.

They boast the latest version of the Vögele operating system – the ErgoPlus 3 – which has been updated with new ergonomic and functional features.

Also on the show floor was the Vögele Super 700-3i commercial paver, small to large-sized Wirtgen cold mills, and an array of different-sized Hamm rollers.

This includes the Hamm DV+ 90i VO-S rigid-frame, drum-steer, split-drum roller introduced at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2017, and the North American introduction of the Hamm HD+ 90i PH hybrid power train tandem roller, combining a conventional internal combustion engine for base loads with a hydraulic accumulator for peak loads.

A Kleemann Mobirex impact crusher ideal for processing RAP and other recycled materials in addition to general crushing — the MR 130 Zi EVO2 — was shown, too.

Show-goers had a chance to operate two simulators that emulate compaction using the new DV+ rollers, and also cold milling with Wirtgen’s exclusive Widrive machine control technology.