How to Dazzle YouTubers With Your Biz

Gone are the days of YouTube only being for silly cat videos. It seems like everywhere you turn, you find another business using the site to develop a marketing platform for their business. But for every great how-to channel, there are a thousand poorly filmed, downright embarrassing videos for businesses.

To thrive and even shine on the vast platform of YouTube, take a little time to create a game plan, gather the right tools, and learn how to use the site like the best of them.

Prep for the Job

Just like any project, creating a quality YouTube channel begins with making plans and gathering tools.

Spend a little time looking into the tools of the trade. There are plenty of options for equipment that don’t have to break the bank. Research and invest in a camera and microphone. Read up on lighting equipment and see what you can repurpose from job sites and what you need to add to get good lighting.

Find a tripod or gimbal that fits your camera and your space. Finally, editing software can be easy and user-friendly or incredibly detailed and technical. Choose what matches your skill, needs, and amount of time you can spend on these videos.

In addition to gathering tools, you also need to choose your talent. Even if your name is on the byline, you don’t personally have to be the face of your video marketing. If speaking and presenting is not your forte, don’t do it. Choose a teammate with good energy on camera. Videos featuring tense, mumbling workers won’t help you dazzle YouTubers, and might even scare customers away.

Once you have the tools and the talent, you can brainstorm what kind of videos would best engage your audience.

Create Content

There are tons of options for creating content for a successful construction channel. But before diving into creating content of your own, check out existing channels. Take note of what you like and don’t like about each. Keep in mind, however, that what works for Bob with the blowtorch might not be a good fit for your team. Stay true to your company’s existing tone and personality. Also, consider your target audience. If you live in a conservative retirement community and the bulk of potential customers are 65 and opposed to cursing and rock music, skip the guitar intro music and cheeky jokes.

Once you’ve got it in your mind who will be in your videos and what kind of tone you’d like to set, planning videos will come naturally. Your channel should show off your skill and personality, to create videos that are an extension of those things.

Review products that you’ve been curious about. Create how-to or demonstration videos to help DIYers do things correctly. Answer frequently asked questions about your business or your field of construction. Give video tours of job sites or completed projects. Even a low-key video log, or vlog, can help viewers find you relatable and likable.

The best construction channels are the best because of their expertise and entertainment value. Do a little research, plan ahead, lean into your strengths then show the internet and your potential customers that you are the great construction company that you know you are. If you are smart about it, YouTube can be an effective, fairly inexpensive, and incredibly rewarding marketing tool.

Do you think your potential customers would love to meet you or your team members in a vlog? Or would they rather watch a how-to or product review?