Harford Releases “Cylinderless” Tiltrotator for Confined Jobsites (Video)

Available for use with 4,400- to 19,800-pound excavators, Hartford Attachments’ new tiltrotator features 360-degree continuous rotation and 50 degrees of tilt with constant tilt torque.

It is compatible with Harford’s range of Pro-Lok, Uni-Lok and Safelock quick coupler and pin grabber systems. Optional integrated grippers, a choice of operating system set-ups and a full range of attachments are available.

With no protruding cylinders or pistons, the risk of damage is reduced, and operators have a clear line of sight to the attachment, the company says. The slim profile lets operators work next to a wall or fence line without compromising their capabilities, Harford says. The durable cast housing protects key operating components.

Two control systems are available: the entry-level DF4 or the Prop+ with advanced controls. The DF4 requires two double-acting hydraulic circuits on the excavator. It is compatible with standard machine joysticks and requires a single electric connection to the existing cab setup. Fully proportional controls are available as an option.

The Prop+ system includes new joysticks, enabling a variety of advanced features, including auto-calibration, individual operator settings, individual speed and tool settings, a touchscreen control panel, remote maintenance and more. With the advanced system, operators can simultaneously perform multiple tilt, rotate and other movements. Both systems are compatible with Leica Geosystems GPS.   

Harford’s tiltrotator comes with a standard two-year warranty.

The video below shows the full range of movement achievable with the 3D tiltrotator active model: