Brokk’s new BHB breakers deliver more power in a lighter package

Brokk has launched a line of hydraulic breakers for its remote-controlled demolition robots.

The BHB series consists of eight models ranging from 110 to 1,543 pounds. The company says the breakers feature a high power-to-weight ratio, delivering more power in a lighter package, while producing less noise and vibration than competitors.

The breakers are designed for the following Brokk demolition robots: Brokk 60, 110, 120, 170, 200, 300, 800P, 500 and 500D.

The breakers are machined from a solid casting and have no side and through bolts or side plates. A side-mounted accumulator holds a nitrogen-gas charge up to a year.

The breakers are also designed to reduce back pressure and optimize oil flow, oil pressure and down pressure to deliver greater hydraulic power with less energy. The company says the robots can achieve the same concrete-removal rates as larger excavators.