Yardz, EquipmentWatch Partner to Help Contractors Improve Equipment Utilization

Rental fees can add up quickly each month. Poor visibility into your fleet can lead to having the wrong equipment on a job, machines sitting idle or rentals dragging on longer than intended. All of these issues can end up costing you some serious coin.  

But now a new partnership between Yardz and EquipmentWatch aims to help contractors, construction companies and utilities optimize their equipment management decisions.

Yardz enables contractors to see all of their rented and owned equipment in one place. The technology platform ensures that equipment is being allocated effectively and cost-efficiently to the places it’s needed most, as well as saving money on duplicate and overdue rentals.

Combined with the power of EquipmentWatch, a heavy-equipment data and intelligence provider, Yardz customers will now be able to view detailed information and specs for thousands of pieces of heavy equipment. Yardz says this data will help contractors make better, faster decisions about the proper size, weight or horsepower of equipment needed to handle each project.

In addition, it will help customers pair different pieces of equipment together for optimal performance; automatically categorize and analyze equipment needs; compare related equipment data; and calculate equipment operating costs.

The company says contractors will gain valuable insight into previously unavailable equipment information to make more informed decisions about a project’s equipment needs and expenditures, maximizing project performance and profits.

“We are thrilled to begin this strategic partnership with YARDZ,” said EquipmentWatch Head of Strategic Partnerships David Fearon. “They are transforming how contractors manage rented and owned equipment, and we are excited to provide their customers with critical machine information to help empower their decisions and save time.”

“The YARDZ platform has become the gold standard in helping contractors manage their assets, especially their heavy equipment,” added Jason Perez, CEO of Yardz. “The addition of EquipmentWatch to our platform gives our customers the ability to access a new level of product detail all in one place rather than tracking down multiple sources.

“All of this will result in better equipment decision-making, which benefits everyone.”

Yardz says this is just the tip of the iceberg for the platform integration with EquipmentWatch. Potential future functionality includes data that can help contractors decide between owning vs. renting equipment; determining fair market value of each piece of equipment, as well as forecasting future value; calculating lifetime operating costs; and providing information about how to dispose of old equipment. Customers may even be able to search for equipment based on highly detailed specs such as a front loader with a specific bucket width.