Wirtgen Brings Enclosed “Comfort” Cabs to Compact Milling Machines

Wirtgen now offers new enclosed cabs for its compact cold milling machines, designed to reduce fatigue and increase comfort and safety. The company says the compact cold planers are the first in their class size to have enclosed cabins.

The cabs are available for the company’s W 100 Fi to W 130 Fi models, those ranging in operating weight from 46,077 pounds to 49,163 pounds and milling widths of 3 feet 3 inches to 4 feet 3 inches. The compact cold planers underwent a redesign, which was unveiled earlier this year.

Wirtgen says the cabins “set new standards in ergonomics.”

“It offers the operator a comfortable, low-fatigue workplace and provides effective protection against noise emissions,” the company says. “At the same time, the cabin protects the operator when working in all kinds of weather – no matter whether it’s windy, rainy, sunny, cold or hot.”

graphic Wirtgen W 100 FI milling machine showing exterior of cabThe new cabins are pressurized, climate-controlled and have air-filtration systems.WirtgenA filter system cleans the cabin air. Temperature is automatically controlled with the heating and air system. The pressurized cab also prevents dust and other outside materials from entering, Wirtgen says.

The cabin also reduces noise. “The ambient noise level is so low that the operator can make hands-free phone calls from the machine,” the company says. “For communication on the construction site, the operator can either use a radio headset or open the easily accessible side window to talk with the crew on the ground.”

The enclosed cabin and its controls are protected from vandalism when it is closed and locked, according to Wirtgen. “There is no longer any need to remove and stow protection covers or open up fold-away control panels at the start of work or vice versa at the end of the working day.”

Wirtgen W 120 Fi milling machine shooting asphalt millingsWirtgen’s W 120 Fi compact milling machine with new enclosed cabin.Wirtgen