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Why You Should Use Building Permit Expeditors For Miami Building Permits

When you’re ready to get started on construction for a new commercial or residential building, one of the biggest hurdles is obtaining a building permit for your project. Obtaining Building Permits Miami can be an expensive, time-consuming and long process.


If you’re not familiar with the construction process, a building permit is approval from a local municipality to move forward with a project. Permits are necessary to ensure that building practices are compliant with local standards for zoning, land use and building codes to help protect occupants and their guests. There are many different types of permits available and the wait times can be anywhere from two weeks up to months at a time. The initial application needs to be filed correctly and site inspections are required before the local authorities will approve your project. If the application has errors or the project fails inspection, you can expect further delays with your construction project.



What is a Building Permit Expeditor?

A building permit expeditor is a professional who has the knowledge and experience to help accelerate the building permitting process. They are familiar with the local Miami, FL area, have a deep understanding of building codes and have established relationships with city officials. Building permit expeditors speed up the process and assist you with obtaining faster approvals to avoid construction delays which can cost you money and time. They will advise you on the best practices to ensure a smooth permitting process. The role they play is an important one and their responsibilities can include going down to the city offices and meeting with planning officials, attending zoning or architectural hearings/reviews and working directly with architects. From completing the necessary forms, to submitting applications, to meeting with officials to getting the final permit to your job site, building permit expeditors do it all for you.


building permit Miami


Special Event Permit Miami

Special event permits are issued to businesses and organizations who want to host an event on public property. Sometimes these are directly related to the ability to sell or serve alcoholic beverages, while other times it is for a charitable event. These special event permit Miami are temporary in nature and approvals are provided from the local authority having jurisdiction over the event. There are specific processes and timelines in accordance with obtaining special event permits and they need to be followed very carefully. Creating and coordinating a big community event take lots of attention and focus, the last thing you need is for your permit to be denied after all of the hard work and effort it took to put an event together. Working with a professional permit expeditor can ensure that it is filed properly and on time for your big day.



Building Permits Miami

If you have a construction project coming up and need construction permits in Miami-Dade County, FL (USA), hire an experienced building permit expeditor. We are building permit specialists that provide permitting services for commercial, residential, special event permits, liens/violations, inspections, and certificates of occupancy.