Why You Need a Professional Residential Window Cleaning

There are many home projects and chores that can be done by yourself, like mowing the yard or doing laundry. One of the items that should be done by a professional is cleaning the windows in your home. Window cleaners help minimize injuries, provide cleaner windows, allow you to enjoy more downtime and help identify potential problems.


Decrease Injury Risk

Falling off a ladder or roof is a common occurrence and can easily happen while cleaning your windows. Each year in the United States, nearly 200,000 people are injured on ladders resulting in bruises, broken bones and in some cases death. Juggling your cleaning supplies on top of a ladder is dangerous and can lead to a trip to the hospital. Instead hire a residential window cleaning company to safely and effectively clean your windows.


Cleaner Windows

To clean your windows you likely use an ammonia based cleaner and paper towels. This method usually leaves streaks and spots making your windows still appear dirty. Window cleaning companies use industrial strength solutions designed to make your windows crystal clear.


More Downtime

Cleaning your own home windows can take an entire weekend. In addition, you will most likely need help from your family which will ruin everyone’s downtime. Instead hire a professional residential window cleaning service to take care of it for you so you can relax.


Identify Problems

To the untrained eye, issues with your windows can go undetected. Problems like loose weather stripping, weakening frames and holes in your screens can increase your utility bills. Professional window cleaners can easily spot these problems and alert you to them so they can be fixed.


If your home’s windows are looking dusty, have streaks or spots then it’s time to contact a residential window cleaning service. They will save you time and make your windows look crystal clear.