Why is Prep Work so Important Before Painting?

The prep work is very important for any paint project and is known as surface preparation. When the prep work is completed, the paint will stick and adhere better to the walls. An unprepared surface will not be as clean and smooth as compared to the prepared surface. Prep work, before painting comes with many benefits and a quality paint job will add value and the enhanced appearance will be worth the added time to prepare for any painting project in a professional way.



Proper Painting and a Smooth Surface
The proper paint project will offer a smooth surface to paint on after the prep work has been completed. Good prep work makes the paint work better and will you can count on a high quality paint job as the outcome of any paint project. The prep work will leave the walls with an even finish and a smooth surface to paint evenly, smoothly and properly. Prep work is the difference between quality paint jobs and not appealing paint projects. The preparation of the walls may require the removal of outlet covers, HVAC registers and anything that may obstruct the actual painting. Quality painting will often include the following for the prep work:


  • good wall preparation
  • painter’s tape will be applied
  • drop cloths will be spread
  • sand primer
  • washed and clean walls
  • colors and textures will be selected

Clean well prepped surfaces allow for the paint to adhere while allowing for a smooth and clean area to paint on. The professional painting contractor will follow various steps in order to completely prep an area before painting it. Sometimes it may be necessary to powerwash a surface before the painting begins. This ensures that the entire surface does not have contaminants. It is never a good idea to paint over unclean or chipped surfaces. The proper paint project will start with good prep work.

A Clean and Professional Paint Project
The proper paint project must include good prep work because this leads to a clean and professional paint project that will last for many years to come. A professional paint project will be clean and smooth as opposed to a sloppy and unorganized painting project that takes more time to complete. When prep work is not done, the entire paint project loses its appeal. The professionals make certain to complete the prep work efficiently because it is not uncommon for walls to have nails in them before painting. A quality prepping will eliminate and remove any items that may be sticking into the walls. All unwanted debris must be removed prior to painting and scraped off in order to achieve a successful outcome. It is not uncommon to pressure wash exterior before painting because a professional paint project requires clean surfaces and sanitary conditions. Often the texture on walls will need to be scraped off in order to keep the paint project looking professional and clean. The prep work allows for an even finish that will look and feel smooth and fresh. The results will be a cleaner and fresher painting project that will be worth investing in. The professional paint project will add value to any building or home and taking the time to complete the prep is worth it.

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