Where’s the Wear? Genesis Templates Tell When It’s Time to Replace Attachment Teeth

Unsure when it’s time to rotate or replace the teeth on your demolition attachment?

To help answer that question, Genesis has launched a series of new templates to use to gauge the amount of tooth wear on the company’s demolition tools. The new Processor Tooth Build-up Templates will help owners of Genesis GDR, GDT Razer, GRX Razer X, LXP, GMP and GCP attachments determine when it’s time to replace, rotate or build up the teeth.

Each of the templates is sized to match the tooth when it’s brand new. Each tool has three marks to indicate different levels of wear, and you place the template on the tooth to see where the tooth stands.

Genesis gdt-190For instance, on the GDT-190 template for the GDT Razer, line 1 indicates half-inch wear and  time to flip or replace the jaw. Line 2 indicates 1-inch wear, which is time to flip or rotate in jaw or build up. And finally, line 3 indicates 1.5 inches of wear, which means it’s time for replacement, if all points are worn on flippable teeth.

The company says the templates will help owners prevent damage that could occur from improper tooth care.