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What to Consider When Hiring Painting Contractors

Whether you’re considering freshening a room or repainting the entire house, there are some points you need to consider before hiring painting contractors for your home or business. Avoiding a bad contracting experience could save you time, money and frustration.  Painting contractors have a wide range of service quality and there are numerous unlicensed, inexperienced and unqualified companies that pretend to be professional painters. Too often home owners are focused on how much the project will cost that they forget to consider other important factors which can lead to hiring the wrong company.


Do You Have Insurance?

Ensure that your painting contractors are licensed, insured and bonded. This information is easily verifiable and usually provided to you upon request. If your prospective contractor doesn’t provide this information then keep looking for another painter.


What Kind Of Paint Do You Use?

Knowing the type of paint that the painting contactors use on your project will help to determine if they are using quality materials that will last. In addition, you should ask how many coats of paint they are using on your job. For exterior projects, there should be multiple coats of paint to ensure it will endure the elements over time.


How Long Will The Project Take?

It is crucial that you obtain a time estimate from the painting contractor as to how much time they will require to do the job. An experienced painter should have no problem providing this. Keep in mind that open rooms are likely to be painted faster compared to closed off rooms like bathrooms or small offices.


What Does Your Warranty Cover and How Long Does It Last?

You should discuss the possibility of a service guarantee to ensure you are happy with the results from your painting contractor. Reliable painting contractors should be able to provide you with some level of guarantee for their work. The service guarantee should clearly explain their policies and timeframe to resolve any issues that may arise.


Do You Cleanup The Project After You’re Finished?

If you are paying a professional painting contractor a decent amount to perform the work, you should make clear the amount of clean up they will be performing with the job before they leave. The majority of painting contractors are respectful of your home and take this aspect into consideration as part of the job.


Should I Be Concerned With Your Crew In My Home?

If the painting job you require done requires to have more than one employee, be sure that the company will be using the same employees in your house every day. This is important since the job will not be natural if one team begins it and also different team completes the project.


Do You Have References You Can Provide With Your Proposal? 

Professional Painting Contractors will always be happy to provide multiple references for you to verify their work. If the paining company has very few references or is unwilling to provide them then this is a warning sign that you should look to another contractor for your project.