What A Roof Inspection Actually Does For You

Many roofing companies offer inspections as part of their services. A roofing inspection is a thorough inspection of the roofing of a house inside and out, with documentation on the life expectancy of the roof, any repairs that may be needed, and how much these repairs might cost.


Roofing inspections are not the same as estimates. During an estimate, a roofer will come out to take a look and put a spotlight on your roof, check the problems you already know are there, and give you an estimate on how much it will cost to repair or replace the roof. Estimates are usually free, but typically only involve a quick glance at the roof and no documentation. You can expect to pay about $300 for a roof inspection.


If you’re just planning to replace the roof, an estimate is just fine for your purposes, but if you plan to sell your property, or purchase a new one, a roofing inspection can save you a lot of money. 


If, for example, your planning to buy a house and you get a roofing inspection done, you can ask for the price to be reduced if the roofing inspection discovers the roof will need to be replaced very soon—or request that repairs be made before the purchase. 


Home owners with hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in the sale of their home will probably be glad to repair the roof, or even put a new roof on, if it means a guaranteed sale. Getting the roof taken care of, or at least a substantial discount, can mean thousands of dollars saved. 


If you’re selling a house, a roofing inspection gives documented evidence to potential homeowners that your roof is sound and will last a long time after they’ve purchased the house.


Roofing inspections are also not to be confused with home inspections, which look a home over from a more general standpoint. While a home inspector will still note if they see troubling signs of roof disrepair, they likely won’t catch the small clues that mean there is trouble beneath the shingles.


If you have hesitated to call a local roofer for an inspection because you’re afraid they’ll magically find problems when none exist, you don’t need to be concerned. Roofing inspections are unbiased, with no expectations to make a purchase. Some roof inspectors aren’t even affiliated with roofing companies. If you’re still unsure, you can ask a roofing contractor for recommendations on where to get an inspection done at.


If you are planning to buy or sell a home, or you want to make sure an insurance company isn’t lowballing how much damage was done to your roof during a natural disaster or other incident, it can be a valuable way to check the health of your roof.


Roofing inspections do have a fee, but when you’re looking at a big investment such as the purchase or sale of a home, they can be a valuable tool in making sure you get the most for your money.