Whack and Hack Your Way Through Brush With These 5 Great Landclearing Attachments

When it’s time to tackle tough brush, and do some mulching, these five attachments for construction equipment can make the job easier.

Turn excavator into mulching machine

FAE excavator mulching head FAE gave its new BL2/EX/VT excavator mulcher a bite limiter rotor, which has steel rings to limit the blades’ depth when cutting. This reduces power demand and increases cutting speed. The “VT” in the model name stands for variable torque automatic displacement, which increases motor torque when needed and reduces rotor stalling. The mulcher can cut through trees as thick as 6 inches in diameter. It is designed for excavators of 8 to 14 metric tons with hydraulic flows of 26 to 37 gallons per minute. It comes in two widths: 39 and 49 inches.

Shred and process brush and vegetation

Fecon BlackhawkFecon’s Blackhawk knife-tool mulching head shreds brush and processes material on the ground. Processing the felled brush prevents partially processed material from being left behind and leaves a better appearance. The finely chipped material is broadcast forward of the rotor to prevent it from being reprocessed. The Blackhawk is designed for skid steers and compact track loaders with hydraulic flows of 27 to 45 gallons per minute. The device consists of 30 knife tools. It has a 76-inch cutting width.

More, longer steel teeth for mulching

Indeco IMH 10Indeco says it has given its IMH series of mulching heads a “radical makeover.” The makeover includes a more compact design to give the operator better visibility and easier service access. The mulching heads now have more teeth that are larger and configured in a new pattern to increase efficiency. The series consists of three models: IMH 10, direct-drive for excavators from 10 to 18 tons; IMH 15, multiple V-Belt drive for excavators 15 tons and up; and IMH 3.5 SS, for skid steers 3.5 tons and up.

Mulcher for standard-flow skids, CTLs

Loftness Battle Ax L seriesLoftness’ new L Series Battle Ax horizontal drum mulchers are designed for skid steers and compact track loaders with hydraulic flows of 16 to 30 gallons per minute. These new models work on standard-flow machines; whereas, previous Battle Ax models require high flow. Cutting widths of 51 and 61 inches are available. The mulchers’ new rotor design with built-in depth gauges prevents the mulcher from engaging too much material at one time, the company says.

Brush cutter for compact excavators

Paladin MX Brush Cutter

Paladin, now part of Stanley Infrastructure, has released a new line of brush cutters for compact excavators based on a design similar to its popular GroundShark series for larger machines. The new MX Series is for excavators of 3 to 8 tons, for brush management over fences, on embankments, and in ditches and rights of way. The AR400 cutting blades are reversible and can cut trees and brush up to 6 inches in diameter. The hinged debris shield retracts when cutting trees and brush for better blade engagement.