Western Global’s stackable TransCube Cab is a mobile refueler for jobsites

Western Global TransCube Cab mobile fuel tankWestern Global’s new trailer-mounted TransCube Cab brings fuel to the jobsite to reduce downtime for construction and auxiliary equipment, the company says.

The refueler is available in three sizes: 258, 483 and 727 gallons. It is mounted to a galvanized steel trailer. The cube-shaped tank has double walls. The trailer is equipped with backlights and electric brakes.

The steel tanks have brackets to be lifted by crane and pockets for forklifts. They can be stacked two high when full and three high when empty.

Western Global says it gave the tank a “110 percent full-containment design with a weather-proof secondary containment.” Its equipment cabinet captures any accidental drips or spills, and it can be locked to secure all equipment and ports. It is also designed to be easy to access for service.

Western Global TransCube Cabs in warehouse