Wacker Neuson’s RD12A vibratory roller boasts enhanced maneuverability

Wacker Neuson RD12A rollerWacker Neuson has redesigned its RD12A tandem vibratory roller, giving it increased water and fuel capacities, better curb clearance and an upgraded operator’s station.

The tandem vibratory roller has a 35.4-inch drum width and an overall operating weight of 1.2 tons. The roller’s dual-drum drive and articulated steering increase maneuverability. The hydraulic motors are fully recessed for curb and side clearance, so compaction can occur near curbs, walls and in confined areas.

The compactor is geared for such applications as parking lots, driveways, secondary roads, repair work and nature trails. It can also be used for turf rolling for landscaping and on golf courses.

The integrated joystick in the operator station also includes water and vibration functions. The company says it designed the space to be more comfortable for the operator and to improve efficiency.

Wacker Neuson RD12A tandem vibratory roller with hood openThe roller runs on an air-cooled, two-cylinder Honda GX630 gasoline engine that delivers 20.8 horsepower. The hood design and pivoting floor plate provide tool-free access to the engine and hydraulic and water systems.

Side clearance is 1.7 inches. Frequency is 4,200 vibrations per minute and amplitude is 0.043 inches. Travel speed is 5 mph forward and in reverse.

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