Volvo’s ‘2.0’ upgrades bring increased capability, fuel economy to L60H, L70H, L90H loaders

Wheel Loader in Operation

First introduced on its larger, L150H to L260H wheel loaders, Volvo Construction Equipment has expanded what it calls its H-Series 2.0 upgrades to its midsize L60H, L70H and L90H loaders.

The primary benefit to these midsize loaders with Volvo‘s “2.0” updates is up to 25 percent greater fuel efficiency than their predecessor models. Here are the new features Volvo says allows for that reduced fuel use:

  • Lock-up torque converter: An available option on the L70H and L90H, the lock-up torque converter lowers rpm and increases speed, resulting in faster cycles times.
  • Smart Control function: Ensures the correct torque in all situations, improving engine and hydraulic harmony, and helping to shorten cycle times and conserve fuel.
  • Smooth Control function: Helps operators maintain a steady throttle position on uneven ground, resulting in a more even engine speed and smoother ride while saving fuel.
  • Rim Pull Control function: Reduces wheel spin and slippage, thereby saving fuel, reducing tire wear and improving productivity while lowering total cost of ownership.

Capability, design improvements

But these 2.0 updates are not just about fuel savings. Volvo has also increased capability and performance on these machines with changes in the design of key components.

For starters, tipping load has increased by 1.7 percent on the L60H, 1.6 percent on the L70H and by 3.4 percent on the L90H.

Volvo has also increased these machines’ payload capacity through a new loader arm design. Plus, dump height, on the L90H has been increased by 3 inches.

Volvo has also increased the size of the hydraulic oil cool cooler on these machines by 50 percent. The update improves cooling capacity and lowers hydraulic oil temperature, the company says.

The 2.0 midsize loaders also feature electro-servo hydraulic controls with adjustable sensitivity. The controls allow operators to shift quickly between linear and single-lever control, Volvo says.

Serviceability updates

The updates also include maintenance-focused improvements including a slide-able cooler which provides easier access for removing dirt and debris, and redesigned engine and transmission oil fill points for faster adding of fluids.

An optional feature on these machines is delayed engine shutdown, which reduces engine wear by avoiding hot turbo shutdowns.

Volvo says another option, available starting in December on the L70H and L90H, is an external axle cooler. This feature minimizes the risk of overheating and prolongs engine oil intervals.