Volvo Intros 50-Ton EC500 Straight-Boom Excavator for Demolition

Volvo Construction Equipment introduced a new model to its lineup of demolition excavators at the recent National Demolition Association Show, the EC500 Straight Boom.

The 50-ton crawler excavator is based on the standard EC500 model that was unveiled at ConExpo 2023 but is outfitted with a 25.5-foot-long straight boom that gives it a 30% increase in pin height over the standard boom machine.

In addition to the straight boom and purpose-built arm, the EC500 Straight Boom has a 6,610-pound heavier counterweight for added stability. The company says for convenience when moving from site to site, the counterweight can be easily removed using a hydraulic feature.

“The EC500 Straight Boom gives customers a new 50-ton option for larger jobs and complements our three high-reach models as well as our 14-ton to 95-ton standard excavators with demolition-specific guarding and hydraulic options,” said Tony den Hoed, director of demolition strategic accounts for Volvo CE.

Volvo says the excavator is equipped with heavy-duty features to stand up to the rigors of demolition. It is reinforced with boom/bucket cylinder protection, a full track guard, a heavy-duty undercover and belly cover, and a heavy-duty side-impact-protection structure.

An updated demolition-specific cab includes rollover protection system and frame-mounted falling-object guards to protect operators against falling debris. Both the roof and front windows are half-inch thick, high-impact resistant single-piece glass.

Also, the company says a washer and wiper on the front and roof windows come standard. The guards on the front window can be swung out to help clean the window as well.

In addition, the cab features, a high-definition Co-Pilot screen, keyless start, wired and wireless smartphone charging, and a new work mode switch, according to Volvo.

For operation, this next-generation EC500 features electric joysticks that allow operators to control the hydraulic pumps together or independently, meaning the boom can be operated separately without affecting track speeds. Volvo says this improves safety and makes for a smoother ride.

In addition, Comfort Drive Control is offered so operators can move forward, backward, and steer with the joysticks. The hydraulic settings can be set for each operator and saved in Co-Pilot for retrieval when needed.

Volvo says its EC500 Straight Boom excavator is equipped with heavy-duty features to stand up to the rigors of demolition.Volvo says its EC500 Straight Boom excavator is equipped with heavy-duty features to stand up to the rigors of demolition.Richard RiesVolvo has included a suite of machine control tools including its coaching app for operators, Volvo Dig Assist, and Lift Assist to be utilized through the Co-Pilot screen. For the first time on an excavator this size the company is offering automated grade control through Volvo Active Control. The company says the system automates boom and bucket movements for more efficient excavation with less operator effort.

Also, the excavator is equipped with Volvo Smart View with Obstacle Detection, which gives operators a 360-degree camera view. A new radar system alerts operators to nearby obstacles whether an approaching obstacle is human or not.

Standard features include a larger auxiliary return line for faster attachment movements. 

Volvo says it is the first in the industry to have the case drain line plumbed directly to its tank, returning oil directly back to the tank rather than a case drain circuit, therefore reducing back pressure on the rotation circuit. 

Maintenance and downtime have been reduced with hydraulic filter changes being extended to 1,000 hours.

Like all other Volvo demolition excavators, the EC500 straight boom includes a lifetime frame and structure warranty which covers the frame, boom, and arm for the entire initial ownership period.