Volvo CE to drop model letters, other designations from machines

Volvo CE’s ECR58 reflects the company’s new streamlined machine identity.

In a move that it says will declutter the many iterations today’s machines go through, Volvo Construction Equipment model names will now just feature the product type and size, and no longer show details such as model series and variant.

The action is similar to Caterpillar’s 2017 move when it dropped the letter designation on most new models, and announced it would also do the same with its dozer line late last year.

Volvo CE says the model series and variant will still be found on the specifications, PIN plate and marketing materials.

“We found that our brand designation did not suit the purposeful and progressive quality of our products,” says Gustavo Guerra, design director for Volvo CE. “This new move is designed to bring more confidence and clarity not just to the operator but to everyone out on the jobsite.”

The previous Volvo ECR58D. Volvo CE is now dropping letters and other variants to favor of featuring machine type and size only.

The move eliminates the need to change the product name for every intergenerational update, says Volvo, which notes that technology is increasing the number of these updates. Removing the revision status — such as modifications to the cab, operator controls and technological updates — from the machine’s external identity creates a “cleaner line of communication for all parties,” according to the company.

The company’s first two electric models, the ECR25 compact excavator and L25 compact wheel loader, along with the ECR58 generation F will be first models using the new nomenclature. (Volvo CE has started taking orders on the electric machines for delivery in 2021.) All new and updated models will follow this branding strategy, which will be fully realized throughout the company’s entire lineup by around 2025.

“As developments in electric, autonomous and connected technologies grow side-by-side with our continued need for diesel equipment, we will soon see the level of product updates also growing exponentially,” explains Guerra. “It’s a time of change for the industry and our branding structure should reflect that too.”

Volvo CE says this move will have minimal impact on the way customers buy products, order parts or take them in for servicing. Customers will still be able to look to the specifications on the PIN plate in order to find the detailed configurations required for aftermarket services, parts ordering or repairs.