Video: Takeuchi’s new TB225 excavator has swing boom, retractable undercarriage for digging in tight spaces

Takeuchi-US’s 4,993-pound TB225 compact excavator combines features from smaller excavators, such as a hydraulically retractable undercarriage, with those from larger excavators, such as electronic throttle control and electronic proportional auxiliary control.

Our video breakdown has all the details and working footage of this new machine, so check it out below. Or, if you prefer text, you can read on after the break.

The TB225’s variable width undercarriage can expand to 59.1-inches wide and retract to 43.3-inches. With the undercarriage fully retracted, the machine can maneuver easily through narrow passages and then can be expanded for balance and stabilization during operation.

The four-pump hydraulic system provides smooth, coordinated control during simultaneous operation of the boom, arm, bucket, and slew functions without any reduction in work speed and performance.

The TB225 has a dig depth of 8 feet 5.5 inches and a maximum reach of 14 feet 4.2 inches. Powered by 19.6-horsepower Yanmar 3TNV80F diesel, it has nearly 50 foot-pounds of torque.  The all-steel unit has a bucket breakout force of 4,339 pounds.

Takeuchi TB225’s undercarriage can expand to 59.1 inches wide and retract to 43.3-inches, giving it the ability to maneuver through tight spaces.

Standard features include an automatic fuel priming system, auto deceleration and dual element air cleaner. Also standard are a LCD multi-informational display, automatic load sensing two speed travel, pilot operated joystick controls, and a back fill blade with pin-on extensions. Routine maintenance points are easily accessed through the large engine hoods.

The TB225 operator’s station has a ROPS/TOPS structure as well as operator protective guards. An adjustable suspension seat, large floor with integrated foot rests, ergonomically designed pilot controls and adjustable arm rests add to operator comfort.

The machine is now available at Takeuchi dealers.