VIDEO: Roxor’s new Roxbox 4×4, RBT 2000 dump trailer built for construction, mining and ag work

Roxor’s new Roxbox conversion features a hardtop cab and a workbench integrated into the bed. Photos: Wayne Grayson

If you’ve driven by or stopped at your local powersports dealer in the last couple of years, maybe you’ve seen the Roxor. It looks like a mini Jeep and it has the mini price tag to match. Starting at around $16,000, Roxor is side-by-side style 4×4 with steel construction and a turbocharged diesel engine made by a U.S. division of India’s Mahindra. And though Mahindra is primarily known for its tractors and agricultural equipment here in the U.S., according to Roxor’s Eric Anderson, this capable 4×4 is likely only the first foray into the U.S. automotive market for the company.

Up until now though, Roxor has focused primarily on off-road enthusiasts. After all, the Roxor is not manufactured to be road legal (though a few aftermarket tweaks can bring it up to code in most areas.) But at the SEMA show in Las Vegas recently, Roxor showed us its first products built with work in mind: the Roxbox variant of its 4×4 and a new dump trailer.

The Roxbox variant includes a guarded hard-top and a modular workbench fitted to the Roxor bed. The new RBT 2000 trailer has a lift/dump function and a two-way tailgate. In the video below we chat with Anderson about Roxor’s history, U.S. marketplace ambition and get all the details on the new Roxbox and RBT 2000. Below the video, check out more photos of the Roxbox, the RBT 2000 trailer and one more standard configuration Roxor 4×4 on display at SEMA.