VIDEO: Ritchie Bros. breaks all-time record with massive heavy equipment auction in Orlando

Aerial shot of the Ritchie Bros.’ 2019 Orlanda auction.

When the bidding ended February 24 and the last piece of equipment had been sold, Ritchie Bros. tallied a record breaking $278-million in sales at its big auction in Orlando, Florida. That made it the biggest auction in the company’s history and a 24 percent increase over last year.

Online bidders also set a new record, with 8,600 of them purchasing $123-million in equipment.

With 12,500+ pieces up for auction it’s almost impossible to describe the scale of this event. So we got Ritchie Bros. haul us around in a golf cart to see all the equipment in its 220 acre site. Follow along with us in the video below and keep in mind that since this is an unreserved auction literally every piece of this equipment you see in the video below was sold. (Numbers are approximate.)