Video: How John Deere Just Made Its Best Motor Graders Even Better

John Deere recently announced several updates and improvements to its Grade Pro (GP) motor graders and grader-centric improvements to its SmartGrade machine control platform. In this video we discuss those updates and talk about what differentiates a GP Series grader from Deere’s standard G-Series graders.

Episode Chapters

0:00 Intro

1:11 What is a Deere Grade Pro Grader?

2:00 Antler Rack or Seat-Mounted Controls?

3:34 E/H Valve and A La Carte Automation Features

4:52 Cross Slope Standard on GP Graders

5:52 New Automatic Blade Gain on Cross Slope

7:00 SmartGrade Automation Features

7:08 Auto Articulation

7:45 Blade Flip

8:17 Machine Presets

9:38 Blade Stow

9:55 Why Deere’s Grader Machine Control is So Unique

14:00 New Premium Circle Exclusive Included With SmartGrade

Mentioned in this Video:

Deere’s New 333G CTL With SmartGrade Has Dozer Mode and Integrated Grade Control 

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