VIDEO: Amphibious excavator sinks, overturns, as operator clings to the tracks

Amphibious excavator sinking

An amphibious excavator is a cool thing. With it you can do excavator things while also floating in the water. From the looks of this video, the operator of this machine and everybody watching it were all having a pretty good time enjoying what a wonder it is that a track modification can turn a digger into a giant pontoon boat.

And then it sank.

It’s not particularly clear what the purpose of the excavator was in this situation. What is clear is that as the operator reaches for the far shore around the 90-second mark, he puts a bit too much weight on the right track. The track fully submerges and quickly takes the rest of the machine with it.

Beyond the horror of sinking a very expensive machine, this operator now has to pull off some pretty complicated footwork to not go down with the exavcator. He makes his way out of the cab as the excavator comes to a rest with one track still above water. However, the machine begins to turn again, forcing the operator to climb up the side of the track and on to the tread.

More so than just being relieved that he didn’t drown, by the end of the video the operator just looks super annoyed. Check out the video below.

Man standing on amphibious excavator