VIDEO: Add a Bulk Master Top to your belly dump trailer for 15-second quick lime unloading

Increase the versatility of your belly dump trailers with this easy-to-install topper.

If you have a belly dump trailer but struggle with coverings when hauling quick lime and moisture-sensitive materials, the Bulk Master Top was designed for folks like you…by a guy like you.

Kerry Trest, along with his wife, Belinda, runs KAT Excavation Construction in Sour Lake, Texas. (They were also chosen as one of Equipment World’s Contractor of the Year Finalists in 2018.) A big part of their business is hauling construction aggregates and materials for their jobs and other contractors. Quick lime and many dry bulk products were a particular challenge because of the need to keep them covered in wet weather and the slow process of unloading them from a conventional trailer.

Kerry went to the drawing board and then started welding. The result was the Bulk Master Top, a solid covering for the top of a belly dump trailer. He received a patent on his design in 2018.

Instead of the 45 minutes it takes to unload quick lime from a conventional trailer, with the Bulk Master Top on a belly dump, this can be achieved in as little as 15 seconds.

Covered hatches in the top allow for quick loading of material, and the top can be installed and removed with relative ease. After initial installation, the top can be taken off or put on in about five minutes.

The top also cuts down on dust blowing off the material, contributing to cleaner air on the jobsite. With it you can turn your belly dump trailer into a multipurpose tool and continue to deliver materials even when it rains.

If you’re interested, you can get in touch with the Trests here: