VIDEO: 25-lb. Vacuworx PHD vacuum lifter has 2,500 lbs. of lifting power

Vacuworx has introduced the PHD, a new vacuum lifting system introduced at World of Concrete 2020 that packs quite a bit of lifting power into a very portable package. Watch the video above or read on for all the details.

Weighing in at just 25 pounds, the PHD has an extremely small footprint. Despite its small size, the system is capable of lifting up to 2,500 pounds.

The PHD can be mounted to a wide variety of compact equipment including mini skid steers, mini excavators, small cranes and even Husqvarna demolition robots like the one seen in the photo above.

The attachment is powered by a 12V, 30 amp/hour LFP battery that provides a full day’s worth of work per charge. Vacuworx says if you leave it on the whole time, the battery will get you between 8 and 10 hours. However, if you power it down between uses, it could last up to a couple of days.

In terms of recharge times, the PHD gets a full recharge overnight.

Lifting power comes from dual-stage vacuum pumps that quickly builds a seal. The system is designed to draw less power from the battery while providing a deeper vacuum than single-stage pumps.

The PHD is also designed for quiet operation by absorbing vibration from the pump. It featurs an inline, easy to replace filter for protection from dust and debris. And Vacuworx has provided quick connection hoses to both the unit and the pads.