Trimble’s new Contractor WorkZone app automates back office tasks

Touchscreen smartphone

Another boost for the small contractor Trimble has recently launched is the mobile app Contractor WorkZone. It is a simple phone/device-based app that automates back office functions and eliminates paper work.

“With the Contractor WorkZone he can manage his bidding and estimating, piece together a quote, add in the hours and materials and machine time, handle change orders and manage crews,” says Scott Crozier, general manager of Trimble’s civil engineering and construction division.

“Then if you win the project you can track progress and expenses and at the end produce an invoice for the customer. For the guy who is both the CEO and the laborer, it moves him from paper to a digital system, so he doesn’t have to go home Friday or Saturday night and deal with a lot of paperwork. He’s doing it as he goes along.”

Contractor WorkZone is a SaaS program (software as a service) and runs in the cloud so you can access it anywhere you get a cell signal. It is scalable with three different subscription pricing models: basic, pro and advanced, enabling you to add functionality as your business grows.

You can view a promo video for WorkZone and a video tutorial on how to create new projects within the app below.