Trimble debuts mast-free motor grader system, new Earthworks platform and more at ConExpo

A motor grader working on a slope with the Trimble mastless grade control

Trimble’s mastless motor grader system makes it easier to work on steep slopes and tight jobsite conditions.

At ConExpo 2020 Trimble introduced several new products including the unveiling of a new mastless motor grader system.

The mastless grader system gives operators an improved range of blade motion, allowing for machine control in applications where it was previously not possible. The system puts one GNSS receiver on the cab and one on the gooseneck of the machine to eliminate the tangle of masts and cables traditionally located on the blade.

Mastless GNSS receivers are ideal for steep slope work and complex designs with tight tolerances.

Trimble also announced a new Earthworks Grade Control version 2.0 at ConExpo with a whole lot of innovative features.

Horizontal Steering Control for dozers allows the machine to automatically follow a GPS designated horizontal alignment such as the back of a curb, a breakline, roadway center line or bottom of a slope. By automating the machine’s travel in the horizontal plane, Horizontal Steering Control lets the operator concentrate on the blade height and grade.

Trimble augmented reality

Trimble augmented reality gives operators a dual look at the job in their monitor. One view shows the site in real time. The other shows the finished 3D model.

Augmented Reality for excavators blends real world conditions and digital maps on one in-cab monitor enabling users to understand 3D models, cut/fill information, slope data and other reference points in context. Augmented Reality was first released in the Trimble SiteVision™ system and is now available on excavators with Trimble Earthworks.

Using a camera mounted on the outside of the machine, operators can view 3D models in a real-world environment at a true-life scale, in the context of existing surroundings. On the display, the model is overlaid onto the existing ground giving the operator a better understanding of the work. Visibility of the bucket gives operators better situational awareness to be able to keep surrounding people and objects safe.

Trimble Earthworks Assistant app

Trimble Earthworks Assistant app helps train your operators on how to use the technology and can be downloaded onto any Android phone.

Trimble Earthworks is also now available for compact grading attachments with dual GNSS, single GNSS and total station guidance options. Version 2.0 also includes the integrated Loadrite Payload Management. And if your operators are struggling to learn all this complicated technology, Trimble Earthworks Assistant App consolidates and simplifies access to training guides and videos inside and outside of the cab. The Earthworks Assistant App makes it easy to learn and troubleshoot using an Android cellphone, even from remote sites.

As for availability, Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform version 2.0, including the integrated Loadrite Payload Management, mastless motor grader for select Cat motor graders and Augmented Reality for excavators is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2020. Horizontal Steering Control for dozers will debut in the second half of 2020. Mastless motor grader, Augmented Reality for excavators and Horizontal Steering Control for dozers will require additional hardware and software purchases. The Trimble Earthworks Assistant App is available for download at no charge from the Google Play Store.

Trimble also announced at ConExpo its Platform as a Service, that gives contractors the ability to purchase select hardware and software solutions and continually upgrade those solutions with the latest innovations from Trimble. Bundled solutions include the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform, Trimble Siteworks Positioning Systems, Trimble Correction Services and select office software.

“Contractors can now modernize large construction fleets and inventories without a significant initial investment and the assurance that their technology will be continually updated with the latest innovations from Trimble,” said Scott Crozier, vice president, Trimble Civil Engineering and Construction. “This allows them to use their capital to run the business as well as predictably manage technology expenses.”

Also announced at ConExpo: Dynapac and Trimble are partnering to develop commercial-ready autonomy functionality for Dynapac soil rollers.