Trailer Security and You

Trailer Security and You

Almost every business has something of financial value, whether it’s property, merchandise, or software. For a contractor, the most valuable thing you probably have is an expensive trailer full of expensive tools. Unfortunately, a trailer can be, or at least can seem like, an easy target for would-be thieves.

If it’s not protected, you run the risk of losing everything you’ve invested and having to start all over again from ground zero. Prevention is key, so here are some ways you can protect your tools and your trailer from thieves and give yourself the peace of mind to leave your trailer at the worksite at the end of the day.

Mark your trailer

Many thieves will try to remove your trailer from its location and take it somewhere where they can more safely remove the contents. While you will obviously do all you can to prevent that from happening, one way to deter thieves is to mark your trailer with obvious colors, logos, stickers, etc. that clearly mark it as yours. They may not want to be seen driving with something so conspicuous because if anyone you know recognizes it, they may suspect something’s up and contact the police.

You should also mark your trailer and your tools with a personal mark that the thief can’t remove or won’t suspect. If they’re stolen, this mark will help the police identify the trailer and tools as yours if and when they’re recovered.

Lock your trailer

It’s painfully obvious, but lock your trailer down as solidly as possible. Get a heavy-duty lock, the kind that can’t be knocked off with a sledgehammer. Lock your wheels with a wheel boot and chain your trailer to objects like trees that won’t be going anywhere. Someone may still try to steal your trailer, but you can at least make them really work for it.

Install a security system

To really be safe, you’ll want to invest in a trailer security system. While there are lots of options to consider, in today’s market, the best options will notify you with a text or call if your trailer is moved or tampered with. Additionally, getting a system that’s solar-powered may be a good option if you live somewhere with plenty of sun.

Here are some worthwhile features you may want to invest in:

● A loud alarm system that will go off a few seconds after someone opens a door
● An impact shock sensor that will go off if the trailer is hit with strong force (many thieves will try to cut into the side and steal the tools if they can’t move the trailer)
● A GPS tracker that alerts you if the trailer is moved and can help you locate it

No matter what system you have, or even if you don’t have any system at all, put big signs on your trailer warning that it is protected with a security system that instantly alerts you. You may be able to scare thieves away before they even try to break in.

Be insured

While you may do everything in your power to protect your trailer and tools, there’s no way to guarantee 100% that nothing will ever be stolen. Make sure you have a solid insurance policy that protects you against theft or vandalism. On the off-chance that your efforts are not enough, that coverage will let you start over again if it comes down to that.

Depending on where you live and work, your needs for security may differ, but you should make every effort to protect your equipment. If bringing your trailer home every night isn’t an option, we hope these suggestions will help you stay secure and find peace of mind of knowing your stuff is as safe as it can be.

What kind of security do you use to protect your equipment? Has anyone ever tried to steal your trailer?