Track Tools, Allocate Costs with Trimble, Hilti ON!Track Product Integration

Where did that tool walk off to?

It’s a question you’ll no longer have to ask, thanks to a new integration between Hilti’s ON!Track asset management system and Trimble Viewpoint Vista, an enterprise resource planning solution within the Trimble Construction One suite.

The announcement was made at the recent Trimble Dimensions user conference held November 7-9 in Las Vegas.

But the integration offers contractors more than just peace of mind, Trimble says. In addition to location tracking, it provides insights into how much — and where — the tools were used so that an accurate amount of equipment time can be invoiced. This eliminates the need to spend clerical time manually inputting utilization data, and manually tracking it in the field.

“Thirty-five percent of time spent on construction sites is just looking for the right equipment and materials to actually do the job,” said Michael Neidow, executive vice president and head of the tool services business unit at Hilti.

“Now, contractors can manage all of their equipment and materials from small hand tools to large excavators in one system. By doing so, they can improve the cost of equipment, increase utilization and streamline processes, bringing down labor costs and making sure the tools are always there when they need them.”

The ON!Track system uses field-ready active and passive tags, Bluetooth technology and tracking gateways to give contractors the location of all tagged assets. Tool usage information is tied to employees to help owners understand utilization by person, or if there are issues of missing equipment.

When integrated with Viewpoint Vista, contractors automatically receive the information they need to track, allocate, bill and estimate for accurate tool and equipment use. This eliminates guestimates for tool allowances, reduces double-entry and errors and reduces loss or theft of equipment, Trimble says.

“We know that contractors have a lot to manage already, and that equipment is one of their most important assets,” said Lawrence Smith, vice president and general manager of construction management solutions at Trimble.

“It’s a natural, low-cost addition for anyone who has Viewpoint. You’re getting valuable information back that helps you understand the cost of your project – the location of the equipment and utilization of that equipment. From there, that helps you predict your future spend on the project, making sure you’re tracking to your original budget.”

The ON!Track subscription fee starts at $120 per month and takes roughly three months to be fully implemented, Neidow says.

“Customers need time to implement the system and adjust their process to actively manage their equipment. What we quite often see today is that it’s not physically managed at all.”

To support the change, Hilti has implementation teams to assist with equipment inventory, Bluetooth tag application and employee training.

“Hilti ON!Track has greatly reduced the ‘run to the store and buy what you need’ when we already own and have tools nearby,” said Keeley O’Brien, president and CEO of O’Brien Co., an Oregon-based general contractor. “It takes mere seconds to transfer tools in the field, eliminating excuses about not having the right tools because no one knows where they are. It’s made it very easy to inventory, track history and locate tools and equipment.”