Topcon updates GLS-2000 scanner for interior vertical construction

Topcon has updated firmware for its GLS-2000 scanner that includes a new setting for capturing precise detail of interior vertical construction.

“The new digital-construction-ready feature named ‘Close High Power’ is perfect for vertical applications and provides detailed data of HVAC, pipes and highly metallic objects needed for interior modeling,” says Ray Kerwin, director of global surveying products.

The data captured with the new settings is designed for seamless integration in vertical construction software workflows, the company says.

“With the new feature, operators can easily capture detailed information in the field, process in MAGNET Collage and use the cloud data in ClearEdge3D Edgewise or Verity software,” Kerwin says. “This integration completes an optimized end-to-end workflow — from the GLS-2000 hardware to software — for semi-automated modeling and construction validation.”

Additional features include the ability to scan and target the Topcon ATP series robotic prisms on jobsites, which allows operators to sight from any angle without walking to turn the prism, as well as 30 percent faster target scanning. The firmware upgrade is available for all GLS-2000 models.