Topcon, Cat Offer 3D Machine-Control Upgrade for Next Gen Excavators

Topcon and Caterpillar have come together to offer operators of Cat’s Next Gen excavators an opportunity to improve machine control functionality.

A new option is available for Cat operators to leverage Topcon 3D machine control with Cat Grade Assist.

The aftermarket Topcon MC-X platform offers flexible mounting solutions, as well as automatic blade and bucket control with Caterpillar’s 2D excavator systems. According to Topcon, the new MC-Max increases processing power, speed, accuracy, reliability in GPS/GNSS-guided earthmoving and sitework. 

“With increased pressure for productivity and accuracy, and the industry’s need for skilled operators, the solution is timely,” said Jamie Williamson, Topcon executive vice president. “The customer will have the benefit of Topcon’s 3D Excavator System and Cat Grade with Assist features working together.”

The Topcon 3D Indicate excavator system increases safety by reducing the need for personnel in the work area. Combined with Cat Grade with Assist and through a user-friendly interface, operators can create, cut and check complex designs directly from the cab. 

The combined technologies from Topcon and Cat make it easier to dig straight, on-grade trenches or carve complex elevations, shapes and contours automatically. GPS positioning technology helps operators monitor the machine’s position and control digging depth and bucket angle.

“Once the user is acquainted with the combined system, it will be easy to be a more productive operator,” said Williamson.

According to Topcon and Cat, these features, including boom and bucket automation, can improve productivity by 30% or more, even with experienced operators.

Contact your local Caterpillar or Topcon dealer for detailed information on what makes and models are eligible for the upgrade.

Cat excavator digging a trenchThe combination of Cat. Grade with Assist and Topcon’s 3D excavator system can improve productivity up to 30%, according to the two companies.Topcon