Top 4 Sites to Help Keep Your Business Organized

Top 4 Sites to Help Keep Your Business Organized

Organization doesn’t always come easy. If you’re trying to keep your contracting business organized and want a solution that works on your home computer, work computer and mobile device, the answer may lie in a browser-based website.

Not only can you access your organizational info from anywhere, but you can also invite team members to view what’s going on – very useful if you outsource your scheduling, accounting or project management. Many websites exist to help you keep track of what’s going on in both your life and your business – here are the top four that can keep your jobs running smoothly.

If you’ve ever found yourself surrounded by index cards in an attempt to get organized, Trello might be the browser-based project management solution for you. Like the dead tree index cards of the past, Trello allows you to make lists and pack a bunch of info onto virtual cards. Create separate boards for each project or facet of your business and watch your organizational skills improve.

You can also integrate third-party software and apps such as Dropbox, GoogleDocs, and Zapier to enhance your experience and give you a high-powered tool right at your fingertips, wherever your fingertips may be.

If business is booming and you need to create more than ten boards at a time, the free pricing goes away in favor of a premium, by-the-month pricing plan starting at just under $10 per user as of August 2019.

At a glance, Evernote seems similar to Trello but offers a different type of productivity. It’s a high-powered note-taking browser-based app that lets you create to-do lists, set tasks and schedule events.  Providing a more streamlined, list-like appearance, some contractors find Evernote is easier to work with than the card-like appearance of Trello. Like Trello, you can integrate attachments, photos, set reminders and use a series of power-ups and other apps to help you get your work done.

Free users benefit from the personal nature of Evernote, while those looking to collaborate must purchase a premium plan starting at just under $8 a month as of August 2019. Premium users also have access to additional features to enhance their experience.

Everyone’s favorite Microsoft spreadsheet software has an online version, free and accessible from any browser. Whether you’re keeping tabs on expenses, working up an estimate or calculating timecards, this workhorse software is now available online. Collaborate with team members or just use it for your own needs. The online version is stripped down, compared to the paid, premium software, which is just what you’ll need when you’re on the go.

If you love Quickbooks for your accounting, Quickbooks Online is a must. Keep track of employee payroll, expenses, and income and work up estimates just as you would at a desktop or laptop computer – all from the comfort of your device’s browser. With great functionality comes great price, however, and basic plans start at $20 a month as of August 2019, with a la carte options and add-ons available for an additional fee.

For the price, however, you can keep track of all of your business’ financial information in one spot and streamline your payday accounting, invoicing and taxes – a sound investment for most larger businesses.

Online Productivity Aids

There’s no single productivity site that works best for everyone – it’s why so many seemingly similar tools exist. Take advantage of free trials and free plans to get a feel for whether or not a site will work for you and your business.  Give each one a few weeks to a month to master the learning curve and see how the site meets your business’ day to day needs.

What’s the most helpful site you use to keep track of your contracting business?