Top 3 Reasons to Use a Portable Toilet on your Next Jobsite

3 Reasons to Use a Portable Toilet on your Next Jobsite

As we’re all very much aware by now, doing anything can be potentially dangerous with the ever-present threat of COVID-19 still slinking about. Of course, being a contractor isn’t really any different, so it makes sense that you’d be looking for ways to minimize the number of ways of contracting our viral foe.

Well, one such way would be… toilets. No, we don’t mean hide from COVID-19 in the restroom, but rather that you should consider bringing your own. That’s right, having your own portable potty can go a long way towards minimizing your risk of contracting this illness.

Exactly How Does Bringing My Own Toilet Help Lower Risk of Infection?

For one thing, it means that you don’t have to choose between using the bathroom behind other people during a pandemic or using a bucket. Seriously, there are multiple benefits to having your own portable toilet.

It Lowers Your Chances of Getting Sick

To further elaborate on what we’ve already mentioned, COVID-19 clings to everything, including people. Although they won’t mean to, this means that the virus can shed onto everything that they touch – provided they’ve been infected, that is. Having a portable toilet means that the risk of contracting the virus is lowered because the only people that are using the portable john are you and your other workers.

It Keeps Productivity Up

Our first reason for suggesting you have a portable toilet was admittedly a bit topical, but we’d be pretty remiss in our duty of giving helpful advice if we didn’t mention it. This second reason though probably slips people’s minds until they’re forced to confront it.

Typically, when you have to go, you’ve got to stop whatever you were doing to… go. As a contractor, that might mean going into your customer’s home (which they may be leery of nowadays) or to the Burger King across the street from your site. With a portable toilet, however, the restroom is closer which means that’s less time out of your schedule.

They’re Convenient and Versatile

You can put portable toilets in a lot of different places, as long as the ground is flat. This eliminates the need for workers to be lined up in one spot waiting to go to the restroom. They’re easy to remove and store for later occasions too. Be it commercial construction, cleaning up after a disaster or working at a client’s residence, portable toilets are incredibly handy to have around.

They aren’t just for jobs with multiple workers either. Even those of you who work solo can simply rent or buy a portable toilet for your use. Plus, the single unit models are cheap and may come hand with sanitizer.

Renting Porta-Potties

We’ve been kind of hinting at it all throughout this article, but if you really want your workers to be safe and happy during this pandemic (or in general), it’s best to just rent porta-potties. There are many, many options to choose from; there’s the single-unit units, deluxe flushable units, and some specifically made for vertical construction sites.

Renting porta-potties is cost-effective, as it’s less money and hassle you’ll be forced to deal with from breaking any laws concerning restrooms facilities. In other words, no one will get busted over the poop-bucket.

Now that we’ve extolled the wonders of portable toilets, we want to hear your opinions on them. Do you think that bring-your-bathroom-to-work-day is a good idea? Let us know in the comments, and remember, stay safe out there!