Tigercat Shares Glimpse of New Shovel Logger Prototype, the LS857

Tigercat recently debuted a prototype model of its new LS857 shovel logger for steep slope harvesting at the 2024 Oregon Logging Conference.

Based on the 855E platform, the LS857 offers more leveling capability and improved cable management in winch-assisted applications. Other design enhancements include increased boom lift and improvements to service access.

The new in-tank hydraulic filters improve filtration and extend service intervals, and the shape of the fuel tank increases useable volume, Tigercat says.

While the teaser photo only provided a close-up view of the machine, a photo collage on the company’s Facebook page offered a 360-degree look at the new model.

Unlike the 855E, the rear of the machine angles upward. Maintenance access points can also be seen underneath. With the change to the tail of the machine, other exterior components, such as the hood, appear to have been modified as well.  

Tigercat LS857 shovel logger at oregon logging conferenceTigercat

The prototype on display was equipped with Tigercat’s new live heel feller-director boom set. The new boom system offers 36 feet of reach, a live heel for added utility, and the 5195 directional felling saw pinned to the end of it.

No additional specs were shared by the manufacturer.