Tigercat Releases 4161-15 Mulching Head for Fire Mitigation

Designed to reduce the build-up of woody debris on forest floors, Tigercat has released the new 4161-15 mulching head for its LX830E track carrier.

Tigercat says the machine can clear steep slopes and operate within dense stands to help foresters, landowners, governments, and environmental organizations reduce the amount of accumulated fuel and guard against future wildfires.

The 4161-15 head has a 59-inch mulching swath and 130-degree wrist pivot. The standard pin-on rake can be used to clear brush and trees. It also allows for future optional auxiliary fixed or hydraulic functions. The attachment weighs 7,345 pounds and has a total width of 79 inches.

Customers can choose between a taper-lock system or a bolt-on system for tools. Various carbide and hardened steel knife tools are available from Tigercat. An optional Feed Control Rotor is also available in addition to the standard open face rotor.

The 4161-15 uses a poly chain drive system to reduce the possibility of the belt slipping. It also has large heavy-duty bearings in the rotor and motor drives and reinforced side covers for added durability.

Tigercat says many of the components, including the bearings, sprockets, seals, and timing belt, are common to its 4061 series mulching heads.

Hydraulic hoses are routed through the open tip boom into the top of the wrist for added protection and reduced maintenance. The replaceable wear liner is field serviceable and removable covers allow easy access to all service points.