Thunder Creek Equipment expands size, versatility, options on new multi-tank equipment fluid handling trailers, truck bodies (VIDEO)

Thunder Creek Equipment, which makes bulk diesel and diesel exhaust fluid handling and storage equipment, revealed two new fluid trailers and a new truck body at ConExpo 2020. The new units are designed to handle not just DEF but oil, fuel and other fluids.

You can check out all the details on the new MTO, SLT and MTU models and hear from Thunder Creek’s Luke Van Wyk in this video. If you prefer to read, scroll down for the rest of the story.

The new MTO service, fuel and lube trailer, handles up to five different fluid types, including fresh oil, grease, reclaimed oil, diesel exhaust fluid and diesel fuel. Designed to be less expensive than a conventional lube truck, the MTO is a scalable solution for contractors of all sizes. Each MTO can be tailored with the fluid capacity tanks of 115-, 55- and 25-gallons. Total fluid capacity for the MTO can be spec’ed at, 460-, 690- and 920-gallons.

Thunder Creek MTO

At the rear of the MTO, the new Utility Box is four inches deeper and two inches taller than its predecessor. This additional volume can now support the Thunder Creek Compressor/Generator combo unit, two fresh oil lines mounted on a double reel, a used oil reclaim system, as well as a grease system equipped on a unique swivel reel to maximize space and utility. All lines, nozzles and air valves are color-coded to help users identify the status and pressure of each individual fluid type, and to cut down on confusion.

Thunder Creek’s Multi-Tank Upfit (MTU) was originally launched on a Ford F-550 chassis and is now available for a Ram 5500 chassis, while also adding an optional heated Diesel Exhaust Fluid handling system.

Thunder Creek MTU

It combines the technology of Thunder Creek’s innovative Multi-Tank diesel transportation platform, which does not require HAZMAT authorization or, in some cases, even a commercial driver’s license, to operate. The base model MTU holds 920 gallons of bulk diesel fuel contained in eight, separate 115-gallon fuel tanks that are connected through a common pumping manifold. When the 100-gallon heated DEF unit is added to the MTU, total fuel capacity is 690 gallons.

The company’s redesigned Service and Lube Trailer (SLT) is a customizable solution for heavy equipment fleets needing a platform that costs less to own and operate than a lube truck. It also offers up to 10 different fluids, in configurable 115-, 55-, and 25-gallon tanks. Fluids supported include fresh oil, reclaimed oil, grease, antifreeze, reclaimed antifreeze, high flow oil, diesel fuel and diesel exhaust fluid. The SLT is available in total capacities of 460 or 690 gallons.

Thunder Creek SLT

In addition, the SLT is also equipped with an innovative power sliding air compressor mount that allows for most popular models of compressors to be mounted and run in an open-air environment. Alternatively, you can also choose to have a Thunder Creek factory compressor, compressor/generator combo unit, or welder/compressor/generator unit installed, which powers all pneumatic pumping operations.

While the SLT is fully configurable, some setups allow for a 10,000-pound GVWR, eliminating the need for the driver of the truck pulling the SLT to carry a Commercial Driver’s License or a HAZMAT endorsement.

All of Thunder Creek’s optional equipment is also available on the SLT, including a WorkSight Light Tower, electric/hydraulic jack, solar battery maintainer, and tool chests.