This is the Best Construction Time Tracking and Timesheets App for Crews

In the construction industry, time is a resource not to be wasted at all. Deadlines are taken very seriously in order to avoid serious delays in construction projects. Different elements of such projects can be delicate in nature and a lack of time can reduce quality. For this reason, construction companies are more cautious about time efficiency by their construction crews hired for the job. Each employee must clock in at the required time at the construction sites so that daily goals can be met effectively. However, one major problem is that the construction sites are plenty and far between. This makes it difficult to manage job site time tracking.

Construction Time Tracking App

Boomr’s Construction Time Tracking App

Construction crew time tracking has been made much easier by Boomr. Along with GPS time tracking app for crews at different sites, other features make it highly feasible for creating daily and weekly crew timesheets. As a result, not only productivity and performance can be enhanced but the process of developing payroll reports is also streamlined. Boomr’s construction time tracking software comes with features that assist in simplifying the hassle of calculating working hours of every employee, especially when they are working remotely and always on the go.

Features of the Boomr Time Tracking App

Making construction timesheets always takes huge amount of time. The crew is often large and spread over multiple sites. If you manage the timesheets manually, it can take precious hours that could be spent more productively otherwise. Furthermore, the accuracy of such crew timesheets is questionable as manual work is always prone to mistakes.

Boomr’s construction time tracking app can eliminate all these problems due to it’s following features:

GPS Time Tracking at Remote Locations

The crew is almost always working remotely. This adds to the hassle of monitoring the time-in and time-out sheets of each employee. It is also possible that the crew is moving between sites that can increase complication of time calculation. With Boomr’s GPS tracking, remote employees’ work hours can be monitored in real time.

Efficient & Accurate Payroll Reports

Using Boomr’s construction time tracking app, it is easy to manage the time-related information. The information can be recorded within the mobile time card app quite easily. The resulting time cards give more accurate information, which is recorded down to a minute. This helps to simplify the payroll process. Instead of wasting hours every month, payroll can be calculated quickly and with reduced risk of errors.

Monitoring Crew Performance

When you are able to keep track of each minute and hour spent by the crew at work, it is easier to determine how productively this time is being utilized. With this information, the overall performance of the crew can be enhanced along with increasing efficiency of the construction project.

Organized Crew Timesheets

Boomr’s construction timesheets app not only simplifies the time management and payroll processing of crew timesheets, but provides better organization for HR and accounting too. With more organized timesheet data, it is easier to access and analyze it when needed for executive reporting. It is also better to have a digital backup instead of manual storage of paper construction timesheets.

If you are looking to streamline your construction time tracking and job site projects, then you should deeply consider using the Boomr construction time tracking app. You can get it free for 30 days and you’ll never look back or at another company since their construction timesheets app makes job site management a breeze for you and your crews.