The State of Diesel Technicians: 2022 Pay and Benefits Report

Equipment World parent company Randall Reilly just completed its annual survey focusing on diesel technicians that service four industries – heavy-duty trucking, agriculture, construction and automotive. The purpose of the survey was to gather information on how technicians are paid, the benefits they receive and what they feel is important when looking for a new job.

The good news is that this is a well-educated workforce. Almost half the respondents said they have either achieved a high school diploma with an apprenticeship (44%), trade/vocational education in diesel repair (42%) or trade/vocational program in automotive repair (38%). And slightly more than one-third (35%) have a CDL.

Perhaps most impressive, 39% said they are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Some 47% have 6 to 11 ACE certifications while 32 percent hold 1 to 5 certifications. And an elite cadre of 15% hold 12 to 20 certifications.

Overall, the pay rates look decent for these respondents. Thirty-two percent make between $50,000 and $69,999 a year. But the top of the pay scale looks strong as well with 11% making between $80,000 and $89,000, 8% making between $90,000 and $99,000 and 16% making more than $100,000. Most have health insurance (83 percent), paid holiday leave (78%) and an IRA or 401K (69%).

Tool reimbursement is important to technicians when choosing a new job as well. The largest number 49% said they are expected to acquire their own tools and 42% said their employers provide some tools. But only 7% report that their employers provide all the tools, and only 2% of technicians get a stipend for providing their own tools.

Download the survey on technician pay, benefits and what’s important to them here