The Different Construction Trades Required For a New Home Build

Have you ever stopped to consider the different skills and trades required to build a home? On average it takes 20 different types of trades to build a new home and 70% of builders use between 11 to 30 subcontractors. Even if home builders don’t subcontract these trades on every project, they will do it part of the time or use them to complete part of a job.


Foundation – The initial site of the home needs to have a concrete foundation. The ground is leveled, wooden forms and footings are installed and the concrete is poured.


Framing – After the foundation, the walls, floors and roof systems are added by rough carpenters. Plywood or sheathing is added to the exterior walls and roof.


Plumbing – Initially, rough plumbing is installed with sewer lines and vents, water supply lines, bath tubs, showers and main pipe lines.


HVAC – Heating and air condition technicians install the ductwork and vent pipes early in the home building process. They also install the furnace, typically located near the garage.


Electrical – Electricians are engaged early in the home building process to rough wire the home. Later on in the process they will add electrical outlets, lighting and other related items.


Roofing – Ensure your roof is properly installed is critical to keep our rain, wind and other items from coming into your home. There are different skills used to install asphalt roofs versus Spanish tile or other types of roofing materials.


Drywall – Once the framing, plumbing, electrical and HVAC are all complete, then the drywall installers can add the sheet rock to the walls. They also seal the cracks and prepare the surface for painting.


Masonry – If the outside of the home features brick, then masonry trade, or bricklayer will need to be used to properly install the brick.


Painting – This trade helps create a more personalized look to your new home. The painters will paint the interior and exterior of the home and may also paint the trim, doors and windows.


Concrete – Outside of the home’s foundation, there is need for concrete contractors to lay out and pour the driveway, sidewalks and patio slabs.


Flooring – There are many different types of trades involved with flooring depending upon your choice of floors. Most homes have a mixture of carpet, hardwoods, tile and laminates throughout the home. In most instances, different skilled workers will need to be used for each type.


Countertops – The installers typically work for the countertop company which can be made from marble, granite, linoleum or other materials.


Ceramic Tiles – Tile layers install floor tiles, as well as tiling in the bathroom showers and kitchen backsplashes.


Landscaping – No home can be complete without landscaping. Most home builders will include a standard level of grass, shrubbery and trees to help bring life to the home.


Cabinetry – An important facet of any kitchen or bath, cabinet tradesman properly install cabinets so they are level and are in good working order.


Doors and Windows – These items are handled by specialized tradesman who build and install these items for homes.


Finished Carpentry – The baseboards, trim, railings and other decorative items need to be performed by a finish carpenter.


Security System – No new home is complete without a security system. A professional will be able to install the system to meet the homeowner’s needs.


Technology – More recently, technology specialists are brought in to wire the home for cat-5, wireless LAN, home automation and other needs. Sometimes this is done in conjunction with the electrical wiring in the home.


Cleaning – Construction and home building can be a messy process. Therefore, it is important to have a reliable cleaning person to remove all of the splattered drywall mud, mortar and other debris from windows, doors and walls.



After each trade’s responsibility has been performed the home is nearly complete. The home will need to be inspected at various stages of the building process as well. The home builder will perform a final walkthrough with the new homeowner and identify any items that need to be fixed, if any. There are many other trades that are necessary to build a new home. The next time you are in the market for a new home, take time to consider all of the various trades it takes to build one. Mintconstruct Pty Ltd | New Home Builder Gold Coast is a fantastic choice and visit their Facebook page for more information.