Terrawise’s New TerraBlade Called “First-Ever 100% Wireless Grading Attachment” (Video)

Terrawise Solutions has introduced three new compact track loader attachments – the TerraBlade, TerraRipper and TerraTrimmer.

The company claims the TerraBlade as “the first-ever 100% wireless grading attachment,” meaning it doesn’t need to stay tied to one CTL.

It is compatible with 2D or 3D machine control and can be automated via cross-slope, dual laser, sonic tracer, single or dual robotic or dual GPS. The heavy-duty attachment has several material carry modes, which can be used as a six-way dozer blade, box blade, or catch and spill applications.

Operators can independently raise and lower the left and right sides and rotate the blade up to +/- 25 degrees. The foldable wings swing up to 270 degrees. The adjustable skid plate ensures quick and precise operation.

The TerraTrimmer can cut grade to precise elevation with a smooth finish in hard sub-base materials, concrete or asphalt. Convenient for small or large jobs, it has a 16-inch OD trimmer rotor that cuts an 8-foot-wide path. For optimal performance, the auto grading attachment requires high-flow hydraulics and a separate drain case.

With 12 carbide-tipped steel teeth, the TerraRipper can break up hard-packed ground and rip up turf and roots in just a few passes. The rear-mounted scarifier has a heavy-duty deck for long-lasting performance. Each tooth can be removed, replaced or adjusted.

Terrawise TerraRipper Compact Track Loader Scarifier attachmentTerrawise TerraRipperTerrawise

All Terrawise attachments are American-made and backed with a comprehensive warranty, customer support and hands-on training.