Sunbelt Introduces App-Based Rental Management and Payments

Sunbelt Rentals customers can now find, rent and manage equipment through a new mobile app.

Using the Sunbelt Rentals Mobile App, customers can create a reservation and select the delivery date and time, or they can rent online and pick up the equipment at the nearest Sunbelt Rentals location.

A multi-search functionality displays product specs and frequently rented items to rent again. Customers can build a project-specific dashboard to monitor upcoming deliveries or in-store pickups and to see when rental periods are ending.

Contract details can be accessed, and contracts can be organized by projects, or you can save, search and filter items by date or contract number. The app also offers direct access to view and download invoices, make partial or multiple payments and pay by credit card.

“Now all aspects of the tool and equipment rental life-cycle can be managed right at the fingertips of our customers, helping them save time and gain more transparency into their daily operations,” says Bryan Gassler, vice president of eCommerce, Sunbelt Rentals.

Other features include:

  • Jobsite management: Customers can use the app to create and manage a project, view project lists and details, and search, filter or sort projects.
  • Communication tools: The app offers the choice to opt into emails, text messages and push notifications for equipment and project management needs.
  • Pricing information: Customers can see costs and fees early in the reservation process.

The app is available in phone and tablet versions and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.