Stellar 6521 crane brings added capacity, articulation to light body

Stellar Industries’ new 6521 telescopic crane provides market leading boom articulation and heavy-duty lifting power to a light service truck, the company says.

The 6,000-pound capacity 6521 fits on Stellar’s TMAX 30K steel and aluminum service bodies. The company says the combination makes for one of the lightest service truck packages in the weight range. The lighter weight means the operator carry more payload and do more work in less time, according to Stellar.

The company’s goal with the new crane was to boost the lifting capacities for municipal entities, small equipment dealers and rental markets while using the TMAX 30K series bodies, especially the aluminum body.

The crane’s boom articulation ranges from minus 10 degrees to plus 80 degrees to make loading items onto a truck bed easier and also enabling the operator to stow the snatch block. The snatch block comes with a quick-release stow hook found on the underside of the boom. The snatch box is gently and safely released when the boom is raised to 60 degrees, the company says.

The crane comes standard with the company’s capacity-sensing technology.

The Stellar’s Crane Dynamics Technology (CDT) alerts the operator when the crane’s load is approaching maximum capacity with colored LED lights and pulsating vibrations transmitted through a handheld, wireless controller. The remote control can operate all crane functions with toggle switches and a control trigger, and it includes buttons for engine start and stop, compressor start and stop, and emergency stop. It has a heavy-duty magnet so it can be placed in a convenient location when not in use.

An optional CDT will allow the operator to go into Boost Mode and temporarily operate at 118 percent of normal operating capacity. And should a safety feature become damaged or malfunction, the CDT automatically enters a safe mode to continue to function at reduced speed until the safety feature is working properly. The system will also let the operator know if an overload safety-device fault is detected.

Quick Specs

Crane rating: 35,000 foot-pounds

Standard boom length: 11 feet

Max horizontal reach: 21 feet

Max vertical lift: 22 feet, 11 inches

Stowed height: 33 inches