Sonim XP3Plus Flip Phone is Built Jobsite Rugged

Sometimes all you need to do is to make or take phone calls, especially when you’re out on the job.

Sonim Technologies has an alternative for those times you want to keep your expensive smartphones out of harm’s way or just prefer the simplicity of a phone for phone’s sake. The company calls its Sonim XP3plus flip phone “ultra-rugged.” 

Building on its predecessor XP3 model, the XP3plus has a larger display, additional programmable buttons and a new intuitive user interface with dynamic soft keys. Large glove-friendly push-to-talk and emergency/SOS buttons enable instant communication.

The unit’s larger battery 15 hours of talk and 440 hours of standby also extends availability through extra shifts.

The phone is compatible with a range of industrial-grade accessories, including headsets, remote speaker microphones and vehicle mounts. It has an 8-megapixel front camera with flash, but if you don’t want it, non-camera models are available

The XP3plus is drop-proof and waterproof, withstanding falls onto concrete from about 5 feet and capable of being submerged for 30 minutes in 4.9 feet of water. It can operate in temperatures from -4-degrees to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The phone has a 100-decibel-plus audio speaker with noise cancellation and is “loud enough to be heard on the noisiest construction site,” Sonim says. 

It will available first on T-Mobile for $210; other carriers will be available at a later date.