SmithCo to Intro First 7-Axle Side Dump Trailer at ConExpo

SmithCo will showcase its new SX6 and SX7 side dump trailers at booth D1514 located in the new Diamond Lot at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023.

According to SmithCo, the SX7 is the industry’s first seven-axle side dump trailer. Featuring a 40-foot tub and 53-foot trailer, the SX7 allows operators with a standard commercial license to haul up to 40 tons in a single trailer without exceeding the 129,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating with the optimal truck configuration.

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“We’re excited to introduce these groundbreaking trailers that provide our customers with the ability to haul in one trailer which previously required two and help ease the burden of hiring qualified drivers,” said SmithCo CEO and President Scott Lovell. “With easier maneuverability, lower upfront costs and exceptional capacity, the SX7 and SX6 let customers do more with less.”

The SX7 tub design incorporates three standard axles and four Ridewell steerable lift axle suspensions. To ensure the right configuration, SmithCo provides custom bridge drawings that consider truck weight, axle placement, overall length and tub placement to maximize the load capacity.

The trailer’s cylinders are positioned at each end of the tub, rather than in the middle. This allows the tub to be positioned at any point on the trailer frame for added flexibility.

SmithCo says prior to this innovation, achieving a 40-ton haul with side dumps required a train set with a lead trailer, a dolly converter and a pup trailer. The length of that setup makes backing up difficult. Additionally, it requires drivers to hold a Doubles/Triples endorsement.

The company is also debuting the six-axle SX6, featuring three standard axles with three Ridewell steerable lift axle suspensions. The hauling capacity for the SX6 is 37.4 tons. The SX6 provides the same operator advantages as the SX7, with added flexibility in truck configuration.

“We’re always looking to innovate to allow our customers to do more with less, and our SX7 is the perfect example,” said Lovell. “We take pride in listening to our customers’ experiences so we can build solutions, not just trailers. In fact, the idea for the SX7 started with a customer’s suggestion.”